The Sunnymede neighbourhood is one of the oldest in the town, with some of the roads dating back to beginning of the 1900's. The area then was surrounded by farmland.

The 'Sunnymede Estate' was built in the 1920's/30's, comprising a number of detached bungalows and Houses, many of which still remain, with further expansion coming in the 1950's, when the London Borough of Waltham Forest built about 650 properties as overspill housing for London residents (known locally as the 'Outwood Common Estate') along with Sunnymede School. The majority of these houses are now privately owned.

Then in the late 1960's and 1970's a huge number of houses were built, mainly semi-detached houses, which filled the gap between Sunnymede and the Town Centre. So Sunnymede as an area and school catchment then extended up to the top of Hillside Road and across to the Cloisters (a 1960's development) and Jacksons Lane.

Note: From the top of Hillside, you have a panoramic view of the south-east area and the countryside beyond.

The area has a small parade of 1960s built shops on Meadow Rise, the centerpiece here being a very popular Tesco Express Convenience Store. Outwood Common itself also has a set of shops which is handy for parents collecting the kids from the school nearby and another small convenience store is to found on the corner of Prince Edward Road and Greens Farm Lane.

The local Infants and Junior Schools - both called Sunnymede - have good OFSTED reports and are both on the same grounds.

Most children here now go on up to Billericay School which is a highly regarded academy secondary school and sixth form college with a 'Good' OFSTED rating.

Using the short cut through Daines Road and Crown Road makes the station walkable for most people in the area, even those coming from the other side of Outwood Common.

There a are a number of bus stops throughout the area, providing easy access to the station, town centre and surrounding towns.

Sunnymede is bordered by countryside which includes166 acres of Norsey Woods and 90 acres of ancient meadow known as Mill Meadows.