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Is your fridge safe? 07 July 2017

A Hotpoint FF175BP fridge freezer was the initial source of the devastating fire in London"s Grenfell Tower and the government has ordered an immediate examination of the unit by technical experts to establish the cause. Interestingly this particular unit had NOT been subject to product recalls.... Read More

Henton Kirkman go the extra mile to sell your property 30 June 2017

About Us: Henton Kirkman work hard to sell your property - fast, and for the asking price if possible. Why not call in today to find out how we go the extra mile to sell your home. Find out how our Sole Agency Arrangement can help you save money and reduce the cost of selling as well as getting all the benefits from our enhanced marketing package.... Read More

95% Mortgages are back with a vengence! Good news for First Time Buyers 20 June 2017

Thought to be a thing of the past by many, especially parents of grown up children still at home well into their twenties and often 30"s, 95% Mortgages are not only well and truly back, but flourishing, with many Lenders out targeting first-time buyers with a flurry of new 95% mortgage deals.... Read More

Take these 10 key factors into account during your next property viewing... 09 May 2017

We find that roughly a 1/3rd of house hunters will view between 3-5 properties before finding one they really like, and once they"ve found that property, about 3/5 (60%) will typically go back 2 or 3 times before making an offer. So, what are the viewers looking for.... Read More

Buying a Leasehold Property - What You Need to Know 08 April 2017

Buying a Leasehold Property - What You Need to Know Did you know that four in 10 new properties in England and Wales are now sold as leasehold, ranging from one bedroom flats in city centres, to four bedroom detached homes in rural areas? Before buying a leasehold property, it is important to be aware of what the lease includes and understand any charges you may face when buying a leasehold home.... Read More

A smart new development in Ramsden Bellhouse 27 February 2017

Basildon Council have just received an application for a small development of 13 houses to be built on Church Road in Ramsden Bellhouse. The existing Pelham Lodge to be knocked down to provide a private road accessing the development which will be built behind a row of houses fronting Church Road.... Read More

About Great Burstead 19 November 2016

Continuing our info snippits on different parts of Billericay, here is our one on Great Burstead. Great Burstead as a village dates back at least to AD500, when it was settled by Saxons, from Lower Saxony, nowadays better known as Germany. It was first recorded, about 975, as "Burgestede" meaning "stronghold-site".... Read More

Queens Park, Billericay 05 November 2016

Buyers looking to move in to Billericay often ask us for information on different areas within the town, so todays blog is an introduction to the Queens Park Estate, it being the biggest in town. Queens Park is a large estate built to the north-west side of Billericay.... Read More

A sale agreeing is just the start of our job... 12 July 2016

Agreeing a sale on a property can just be the start of the hard work involved in selling a clients property. The quality and talent of an estate agent will really show in the overall management of the sale, referred to as the ‘sales progression". If an estate agent is particularly good, you may not even be aware of what they are doing behind the scenes to complete the sale.... Read More

Listing your property Multi-Agency. Is it worthwhile? 01 July 2016

Multi-Agency. Is it worthwhile? The short answer is no. Pre-Internet, it made sense, as the staff in the estate agents were key. Most houses were only advertised now and again in the local paper with just a front picture and a couple of ballet points.... Read More

Rents are going up! 28 April 2016

Apparently, well over 80% of Landlords are looking at increasing rents to cover the costs of the higher taxes coming. Bizarrely to me, apparently also nearly 80% (78%) of Landlords also feel the tax changes will deter them from investing in more properties to rent, with half considering getting rid of properties.... Read More

Mortgage Interest Rate Relief has a sliver lining! 04 March 2016

With Buy-to-Let mortgages representing nearly 15.6% of overall lending and the risk of the loss of the Mortgage Interest Rate relief, there has been to no surprise, a number of clients popping in, or telephoning us for advice on what to do about their property investments.... Read More