Investor Hotspots

Date Published 02 December 2015

Landlords in the East of England have reaped some of the best rewards of strong rental and house price growth in the region over the past year. Our neighbour Brentwood is now the third top investor hotspot outside London, seeing a total return on investment of nearly 26%.

This will of course has a very positive knock on effect for Billericay which is also going to benefit from Cross Rail coming to Shenfield.

Here at Hentons, both Nick & myself are speaking to a lot of prospective landlords actively searching for properties to buy to let out, and we can only see this increasing.

Since opening in Summer this year, we have already seen an increase in 'foot traffic', for tenants popping in desperate for somewhere to rent, so it looks like good news for all... Those wanting to sell properties that will appeal to investors as well as traditional first time buyers etc, will find selling even easier, those wanting to buy can do so knowing they'll be able to rent their property out with ease, and of course the tenants will be happy as there might be more properties to rent !

If you have questions re Lettings or would like to register a property to be let out, or as a tenant searching for somewhere to rent, then please give the office a ring 01277 500800 (Evening calls taken too)