Date Published 12 July 2016

Agreeing a sale on a property can just be the start of the hard work involved in selling a clients property.

The quality and talent of an estate agent will really show in the overall management of the sale, referred to as the ‘sales progression'. If an estate agent is particularly good, you may not even be aware of what they are doing behind the scenes to complete the sale.

The communications, negotiations and problem solving that take place during this part of the transaction requires diplomacy, persuasion and often, a lot of patience. Getting the right documentation to the right hands, involving solicitors, and all the contributing parties effectively, is the work of a skilled negotiator.

Property chains require tact and often humour to keep in play, and you want to have a team on side that know the pitfalls and will work it through for you, successfully.

We're proud of our statistics - we have a 92% sale to completion track record (Average is 70-80%) which speaks volumes about our abilities to keep sales together!